General questions

Can I bring a dog on board?

It is possible to take so-called lap dogs (up to 5 kg) with you.

Guide dogs as companion dogs can generally be carried free of charge.

Larger dogs (over 5 kg) only in exceptional cases. In this case, the ship’s staff decides on a case-by-case basis. If permitted, a children’s ticket must be purchased for the dog. Dogs must be kept on a short leash on board. A muzzle should be carried.

Can I bring a stroller on board?


Can I eat and drink on board?

Yes, food and beverages are available on board.

The consumption of food and beverages brought along on board the ships is not permitted.

Can I take my bike on board?

It is not possible to take bicycles with you on small parking spaces.

I bought a ticket and I can’t make the trip. Will I get my money back?

No, purchased tickets will not be refunded if the journey is not taken.

The tour is cancelled. What now?

Tickets purchased on site on the same day will be refunded immediately at the respective ticket office.

For tickets purchased in advance and online, refunds will be made using the same payment method you used to purchase your tickets.

To do so, please send us a short, informal e-mail with your refund request to verkauf@sternundkreis.de with the following information:

  • Name
  • Ticket
  • Tour
  • Driving Day

Which piers and ships are barrier-free?

A barrier-free pier is not automatically served by accessible ships. If you are planning a tour and require accessibility on board our ships, please contact us prior to your scheduled tour. In this way, we can discuss the general conditions together and inform you of changes in the ship’s deployment at short notice.

Handicapped accessible piers

  • Port of Treptow
  • House of World Cultures
  • East-Side-Gallery / Am Ostbahnhof
  • Gotzkowsky Bridge
  • Köpenick Luisenhain
  • Friedrichshagen
  • Hotel Müggelsee
  • Rübezahl
  • Erkner
  • Woltersdorf
  • Grünau
  • Wannsee Railway Station
  • Peacock Island
  • Eyot
  • Kladow
  • Spandau / Lindenufer
  • Spandau / Hafenplatz
  • Tegel / Greenwichpromenade
  • Tegelort / Lindenbaum
  • Haus Dannenberg / Alt Heiligensee
  • Nieder Neuendorf

Handicapped accessible event location jetties

  • WHITE Spreelounge
  • Freedom 15
  • Eventisland Eiswerder

Barrier-free ships

  • MS Brasil
  • MS Belvedere

Handicapped accessible ships

  • MS Alexander von Humboldt
  • MS Mark Brandenburg
  • MS Poseidon
  • MS Nofretete
  • MS Sanssouci
  • MS Havel Queen
  • MS Moby Dick


Can I also drive parts of the route or do I have to do the complete trip?

Yes, you can also drive partial routes. However, you will always have a price advantage if you buy the whole tour.

Can I buy a tour on a specific ship?

No, you can only buy a specific tour. There is no guarantee for the use of specific vessels.

Can I pay by card on board?

Yes, we have card readers everywhere for our tickets and for the catering industry.

Can I redeem a Stern+Kreis voucher in the online shop?

Yes, online redemption is possible.

You can also redeem these vouchers on site at the ticket office and on the ship, for the purchase of a tour.

Do I have to print the ticket or is it enough to show it on my mobile phone?

Showing tickets on your mobile phone is sufficient.

Does a ticket cost more if I buy it online at STERN+KREIS?

No, whether you buy online or in person, you pay the same price. However, we recommend that you book online, as our places are limited.

I have a Welcome Card / Berlin Card. How can I book the discount?

You can only redeem the discount for tickets directly on site at the box office or on the ship, you are welcome to buy the tickets there in advance.

Unfortunately, online redemption is not possible at the moment.

Is there a seat reservation?

If you also purchase a gastronomic service at the same time as the ticket, a table inside will be reserved for you. It is not possible to make a reservation in the outdoor area.

What discounts are available?

Discount on scheduled tours

Children under 6 years of agefree
Children under the age of 1450 %
Pupils / Students15 %
Severely disabled persons from 50% and their accompanying person15 %
Pensioners / persons with transfer benefits (Monday to Friday, except public holidays)15 %

Group discounts

From 20 people you can save up to 15% in the shop.


The discount for the Welcome Card can only be redeemed at the box office on site.

Proof of all entitlements to discounts must be provided. All discounted fares are rounded up to the full €0.10. In any case, we only grant a discount that is most favourable to the passenger.

What if it rains? Will I get a seat inside the ship?

Yes, the interior is always available.

What payment options are available?


  • Visas
  • Master
  • Amex
  • Instant bank transfer

On site at the ticket office and on the ship

  • Visas
  • Master
  • Amex
  • Debit card
  • Bar

Where can I buy tickets?

Due to the limited seating capacity and in order to make the admission process as entertaining and pleasant as possible for all guests, we ask you to purchase tickets in our online shop (without further fees, with direct e-mail confirmation).

In general, tickets can also be purchased on site at the box office or on the ship (without further fees).