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Berlin city center

The city | Explore Berlin – old and new, history and vibrant modernity. Discover its many bridges, the television tower, the government district surrounding the Reichstag parliament building, the cathedral and much more besides. We offer a range of tours lasting from 1 to 4 hours, so dive in and experience our exhilarating capital city for yourself!


Havel; a magnet for tourists | Explore the beauty of Potsdam and the Havel lakes, from historic buildings and enchanting scenery to magnificent mansions and stunning castles. Immerse yourself in the idyllic Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) and explore other highlights including the Glienicke Villa, the Babelsberg Palace and the Church of the Saviour in Sacrow Park.


Travel along the Spree | Explore the beauty of the Spree area, from the imposing Müggelberge hills to the picturesque New Venice canals. Discover the old town of Köpenick, the regatta course in Grünau and the impressive lake landscape of Brandenburg along the waterways to the south and east of Berlin.


Restaurant mit Tischen und Stühlen im Wohlfühlambiente.

Our restaurant

Visit “Kladderadatsch”, our harbour-side restaurant in Treptower Park and enjoy a welcoming atmosphere with views over the Spree river. The restaurant is right on the water and offers freshly cooked traditional cuisine with a modern twist. If our nautical ambience has whetted your appetite, visit the restaurant’s website to find out more.