Landing stages

You can board our accessible boat at the following landing stages on the Spree river:

  • Hafen Treptow
  • Köpenick / Luisenhain (Note: Access not suitable for electric wheelchairs.)

From these starting points, you can enjoy our recommended tour around the Müggelberge area and see things from a completely different angle.

You can explore the Havel area from the following accessible landing stages:

  • Tegel / Greenwichpromenade

On board our accessible boat, you can experience the unique natural landscape along the banks of the Havel river. We recommend that you take the round-trip tour of the Oberhavelsee lakes.


The level of accessibility varies greatly across the boats in our fleet. Our boats that are equipped for disabled access are ideal for people who require accessibility. The following boats are available for trips through the city centre and the Spree area:

  • MS Alexander von Humbolt
  • MS Sanssouci
  • MS Belvedere
  • MS Brasil
  • MS Poseidon
  • MS Nofretete
  • SunCat 120 solar catamaran

If, however, you are planning a trip on the Havel river and would prefer a boat that is accessible to and equipped for disabled people, then we recommend that you travel on one of the following boats:

  • MS Havel Queen
  • MS Moby Dick

In addition, Stern und Kreisschiffahrt GmbH also operates the accessible F10 BVG ferry on the route connecting Wannsee and Kladow.