General questions

Can I bring a dog with me on board?

Guests can bring “lap dogs” (weighing up to 5 kg) on board.

Guide dogs for blind guests are welcome in all cases and are free of charge.

Larger dogs (weighing over 5 kg) are only permitted in exceptional cases; this decision is at the discretion of boat staff on a case-by-case basis. If permission is granted, please buy a child’s ticket for the dog. Dogs must be kept on a short lead on board. Please bring a muzzle with you.

Can I bring a pram or pushchair with me on board?


Can I bring my bike with me on board?

Due to the lack of storage space, bikes cannot be brought on boat trips.

Can I eat and drink on board?

Yes, refreshments are available on board.

Guests are not allowed to bring food or drinks with them for consumption on board.

I have bought a ticket and cannot make the trip. Can I get my money back?

No, refunds are not issued if tickets are bought and you cannot make the trip.

The trip has been cancelled. What happens now?

Tickets that were purchased on the same day on site will be refunded immediately at the corresponding ticket office.

Tickets that were purchased in advance and online will be refunded using the same payment method as was used for the purchase.

Please send us a brief informal email stating your requested refund to verkauf@sternundkreis.de. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Ticket number
  • Trip
  • Date of trip

Which piers and boats are barrier-free?

Accessible landing stages are not necessarily served by accessible boats. If you are planning a tour with one of our boats and have accessibility requirements, please get in touch beforehand so we can discuss the set-up on our boats with you and quickly communicate any changes in our fleet availability.

Landing stages that are accessible to people with disabilities

  • Port of Treptow
  • House of World Cultures
  • East-Side-Gallery / Am Ostbahnhof
  • Gotzkowsky Bridge
  • Köpenick Luisenhain
  • Friedrichshagen
  • Hotel Müggelsee
  • Rübezahl
  • Erkner
  • Woltersdorf
  • Grünau
  • Wannsee Railway Station
  • Peacock Island
  • Eyot
  • Kladow
  • Spandau / Lindenufer
  • Spandau / Hafenplatz
  • Tegel / Greenwichpromenade
  • Tegelort / Lindenbaum
  • Haus Dannenberg / Alt Heiligensee
  • Nieder Neuendorf

Event location landing stages that are accessible to people with disabilities

  • WHITE Spreelounge
  • Freedom 15
  • Eventisland Eiswerder

Accessible boats

  • MS Brasil
  • MS Belvedere

Boats that are accessible to and equipped for people with disabilities

  • MS Alexander von Humboldt
  • MS Mark Brandenburg
  • MS Poseidon
  • MS Nofretete
  • MS Sanssouci
  • MS Havel Queen
  • MS Moby Dick

Buying tickets

Can I also travel part of the route or do I have to stay for the full trip?

Yes, you can also travel just part of the route, although you will always save money if you pay for the full trip.

Can I buy a trip on a specific boat?

No, you can only buy a specific trip; there is no guarantee that specific boats will be used.

Can I pay by card on board as well?

Yes, card readers are available on all our boats for you to buy tickets and refreshments.

Can I spend a Stern + Kreis gift voucher in the online shop?

Yes, you can spend gift vouchers online.

You can also spend them on site at the ticket office and on board our boats, to pay for a trip.

Can we reserve specific seats?

If you buy refreshments along with your ticket, we will reserve an inside table for you. Outside seats cannot be reserved.

Do I have to print my ticket out or can I simply present it on my mobile phone?

Guests can present tickets on a mobile phone.

I have a Welcome Card/Berlin Card. How can I claim my discount?

You can only claim the discount for tickets that you buy on site at the ticket office or on board the boat. You are also welcome to buy tickets there in advance.

Unfortunately, you cannot claim your discount online at the moment.

Is a ticket more expensive if I buy it online from Stern + Kreis?

No, the price is the same whether you buy tickets online or on site. We do recommend booking online, however, as seats on our boats are limited.

What are the payment options?


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • PayPal

On site at the ticket office and on the ship

  • Visas
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • EC card
  • Cash

What discounts are available?

Concessions for regular trips

Children under the age of 6free
Children under the age of 1450 %
Schoolchildren/students15 %
People more than 50% disabled and their companions15 %
Pensioners/people with transfer services (Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays)15 %

Concessions for groups

Groups of 20 people or more can save up to 15% in the shop.


The Welcome Card discount can only be claimed on site at the ticket office.

Proof of entitlement must be provided for all concessions. All discounted ticket prices are rounded up to the nearest full €0.10. Each guest is only entitled to one discount, which will be the one most favourable for them.

What happens if it rains? Can I then get an inside seat on the boat?

Yes, seats inside the boat are always available.

Where can I buy tickets?

Due to the limited space availability and in order to keep the entry process for all guests as smooth and fast as possible, please buy tickets from our online shop (no additional fees, immediate email confirmation).

Tickets can usually also be bought on site at the ticket office or on board (no additional fees).