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Stern und Kreis barrier-free


One thing that is important to us!

For our mobility impaired passengers, we have prepared some recommendations to facilitate the planning of your cruise. Tours, which are due to the use of certain vessels are particularly indicated in the timetable section of this publication with the

Barrierefreie MS Havel Queen

MS “Havel Queen”   

Full barrier-free
with toilet, lift the upper deck,
wheelchair accessible outdoor courts

H3 - OBERHAVELSEEN-RUNDFAHRT, from Tegel/GreenwichpromenadeBehindertengerecht

Barrierefreis MS Sanssouci

MS “Sanssouci” Behindertenfreundlich

Barrier friendly
... the WC, trailable side and ceiling panels for
Outside space character in the passenger compartment

C7 - BRIDGE RIDE ON SUNDAY, from Port Treptow

Barrier-free piers

Hafen Treptow
Wannsee (Bhf.)
Köpenick (Altstadt) - Luisenhain -
Kanzleramt/Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Station Tegel/Greenwichpromenade
Station s-Bhf. Treptower Park
Station Wannsee (Bhf.)
Station Köpenick/Altstadt
Station Kanzleramt/HKW